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Our Low Price Guarantee

The Reading Warehouse has the lowest prices on school bulk book orders! We will beat any legitimate book bid. Fax or email us your lowest book bid from one of our competitors and we will beat their price. No other book company offers this guarantee!

The Reading Warehouse reserves the right to reject any price match that cannot be verified by proof acceptable to The Reading Warehouse in its sole discretion.

Our Low Price Guarantee may or may not apply to books that receive little or no discount from the publishers. ie: textbooks, instructional materials, professional development or any other books that only receive short discounts. We will always try and provide the lowest price possible, however, some publishers just don't discount their books.

The Reading Warehouse Low Price Guarantee does not apply to library processing services, nor does it apply to special offers or promotions, including rebates, mail-in offers, free-with-purchase offers, limited quantity offers and bundled promotions.

Closeout and Clearance sales are not part of this Guarantee.

Books that have been part of a special printing by a company that has bought the entire print run of a certain book enabling them to price it lower than the normal publisher has on other editions of that same book will not qualify. The ISBN must match.

We also may not match the price of items from companies that charge a membership fee and then give only those members a lower price. We never charge a membership fee and unlike our competitors we discount almost all our books every day not just certain titles or new releases.

Small quantities of books may not qualify for a price match as we have minimum orders with all publishers to be able to offer the discounts we offer everyday. Some are a minimum book order and some have a minimum dollar amount we must purchase to get the discount. So a small qty of books may not be enough for us to buy and therefore offer the lower price.

If we can not buy a certain book from any publisher then we cannot offer the Guarantee for that book.

You can fax your order to 1-866-546-2544 or email them to

To qualify for the lower price bid we must ask that you create a free account online before you send us the bid you would like us to bid on. We will prepare a bid and get it back to you as quickly as possible. We will place the books in your cart and create a quote for you right from your own account. By doing this the books will already be in your cart and can easily be faxed or emailed back to you in an invoice form with quantities, titles, extended prices and ISBNs so any orders will easily be expedited. If changes are needed they can easily be changed by doing it this way.

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The Reading Warehouse
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