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Our K-5th Bargain Book Fairs For Your School or Organization Will Provide Students With More Books and Your Group with More $$ Profit!

Finally, a book fair that has books students can actually afford. The Reading Warehouse has created a book fair program that will provide your students with high quality - low cost books that make reading fun. Our bargain book fairs provide books to you at up to 90% off retail so that you can resell them to students at low prices and still make twice as much profit as traditional book fairs. Most books in the fair will sell for only $3 - $6! And your school will earn 30% of the sales as profit. The books in your fair are from all major publishers and include titles that are both fun and educational. The Reading Warehouse selects only the titles that we know from our years of experience are worthwhile reading materials for your students. We ship them directly to you along with suggestions on how to put on an amazing book fair that everyone will be proud of.

** Book Fairs sales must exceed $2000 in order to earn 30% profit. If you have sales less than $2000 we are unable to pay any profit. Fairs with lower sales amounts may want to consider our Books Rock Café virtual book fair as your school receives profit regardless of the total sales. For more information click HERE

Our fairs can be ordered based on the following grade level

  • Elementary (K – 5th Grade)

Advantages of our Bargain Book Fair

  • Low cost books mean more students are able to purchase books. In most cases twice as many books are put in students hands versus traditional book fairs.
  • Higher profits for school – as much as double the profits of traditional book fairs.
  • Exceptional quality books from ALL publishers – not just a few.
  • Book fairs exactly when you want them – not when it fits in the schedule of the traditional book fair companies. You chose the days.

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Here's what people are saying about our Bargain Book Fairs!

"Hey Ladies!
I received my Reading Warehouse Book Fair yesterday....It is awesome. My students and teachers are soooooo excited. I have used all my tables and the tops of my low book shelves to display the books. There is a great selection and they sent any where from one to six copies of each title. There are lots of past Caldecott winners and honor books as well as books from the state children's book awards nominee lists. WooHoo....no posters or overly priced toys either!

I am very pleased!"

V. Lynne Dubay
Media Specialist N.B.C.T.
J.K. Gourdin Elementary

"I am cancelling my Scholastic BOGO fair in the spring and signing up with them. I was impressed with their selection of books and this is such a great opportunity to offer my students books at a super price. My school population is much like Joyce's and this will be such a wonderful thing for them. NO TOYS! Just READING!"

Jenny McCulloch
Oakland Elementary School
Charleston, SC

"The selection looks really good and I think this will be a great book fair for my school since we are about 98% free and reduced lunch and my students don't have much spending money. All of their books are a great bargain and the kids can afford them. I am definitely canceling my Scholastic book fair for the Spring and doing one with them."

Joyce Smith
Media Specialist, NBCT
Chicora Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Simple. To place your order, just call us toll free at 866-391-READ (7323) or if you have an account, just login and place your order online right here on this page. Your order will arrive the week before the date of your fair.

How do I pay for the fair?

At the end of the fair you pay us for the books sold and return the rest to us. This way you can put on your book fair, collect the money, and then pay for the fair – no out of pocket costs incurred!

What kind of books will be in our fair?

The Reading Warehouse buys regular stock, book closeouts and remainders from all the major publishers. We select books that we know to be popular with students and have educational value. In our bargain fair you will get both hardcover and paperback books at up to 90% off retail. You will be able to sell them to your students at discounts of 30%-60% and still make a large profit.

How much do I pay for the bargain books?

You are billed the price of each book minus 30% for each book sold.

How is the fair delivered?

Your fair will be delivered in multiple boxes via UPS or a freight carrier.

What if I need help in putting the fair together?

No problem! We have a team ready to guide you through the process just a toll free phone call or email away.

What if I have left over books – can I return them?

Yes. We provide return labels at the end of the fair so that you can send the unsold books back to us. By keeping our return volume low we are able to give you quality books at bargain prices that allow maximum profits for your school. We ask that you consider carefully what you think you will sell at your fair and order accordingly. Our suggested book fair sizes based on students is a pretty good guideline for how many books you will need. In many cases because of the low cost of the books to students most schools sell everything they have – leaving very few leftovers.

Select your book fair size based on your school size

Bargain Book Fair Options

Small Fair Contains approximately 1000 books and is for schools up to 400 students
Fair consists of approximately 950 paperback and 50 hardcover books.
Medium Fair Contains approximately 1500 books and is for schools up to 400-700 students
Fair consists of approximately 1400 paperback and 100 hardcover books.
Large Fair Contains approximately 2000 books and is for schools up to 700-900 students
Fair consists of approximately 1900 paperback and 100 hardcover books.

Some downloadable PDF flyers & posters you can use with your Bargain Book Fair

Flyer that you can type your own info into

Flyer you can type into and send home to parents

'TODAY' poster for day of your book fair

Arrow poster for directing people to your book fair

Table top price point signs at $1 through $10

Informational 'Presented by The Reading Warehouse' sign

Teacher's Book Fair "Wish List"

To order, please sign-in or create a free account first