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It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families
ISBN: 9780763613211
Author: Harris, Robie H.
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
Published: January 2002
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Binding Type: Paperback
Annotation: With fun, accurate, comic book-style artwork and a clear, lively text, "It's So Amazing" provides answers about reproduction, babies, sex, and sexuality.
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Physical Information: 0.28" H x 11.78" L x 9.74" W 81 pages
Descriptions, Reviews, Etc.
Reviewed by Horn Book Guide Reviews (Horn Book Guide Reviews 2000 Spring)
As in [cf2]It's Perfectly Normal[cf1], text and cartoon illustrations merge seamlessly to explore a wide range of topics--from the parts of the body to definitions of love--focusing on the biological aspects of reproduction. The nonjudgmental text also includes sections on adoption, masturbation, homosexuality, and HIV/AIDS. Parents will appreciate this thoughtful, intelligent, and exuberant celebration of our bodies and our sexuality. Ind.Copyright 2000 Horn Book Guide Reviews
Reviewed by Horn Book Magazine Reviews (Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2000 #1)
The author of It's Perfectly Normal (rev. 3/95) returns to the subject matter of sex and reproduction, this time producing a friendly and sensitive guide for younger children. As in their first book, Harris's words and Emberley's cartoon illustrations merge seamlessly to explore a wide range of topics-from the parts of the body to definitions of love-though the focus of It's So Amazing! leans toward the biological rather than emotional issues involved in reproduction. Once again, an amusing cartoon bird and bee-one gleefully gabbing, the other mortified to be thinking about sex at all-navigate the reader through the text and give voice to children's concerns, questions, and misconceptions about sexuality. The book opens with detailed, accurate terminology for body parts and the ways in which they change during puberty, with particular emphasis on the production of eggs and sperm. Middle chapters take readers on a detour through sex and love-the basics only, but with good attention to the many ways people express affection for one another. Then it's back to the main event: fertilization of the egg, growth of the fetus, and birth. While the illustrations here don't avoid imbuing egg and sperm cells with gendered characteristics, they commendably avoid overly stereotypical portrayals. Harris throughout manages to leave no stone unturned in this thoughtful, intelligent, and most importantly, exuberant celebration of the creation and operation of children and adult bodies. The nonjudgmental text includes sections on adoptive families, families that include every combination of parental gender and marital status, sexual identity, masturbation, HIV/AIDS, inappropriate touching of "privates" by adults, and how to deal with a new baby sibling. Parents looking for a way to keep embarrassment to a minimum when discussing sexuality with their young children will appreciate this book. Copyright 2000 Horn Book Magazine Reviews
Reviewed by Publishers Weekly Reviews (PW Reviews 2004 August #1)
In a starred review, PW said, "The creators of It's Perfectly Normal, targeted to middle-schoolers, here reach out to a slightly young audience with candor and humor, neatly distilling various aspects of sex, reproduction and love." Ages 7-up. (Aug.) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Reviewed by Publishers Weekly Reviews (PW Reviews 1999 December #3)
The creators of It's Perfectly Normal, targeted to middle-schoolers, here reach out to a slightly younger audience with candor and humor, neatly distilling various aspects of sex, reproduction and love. An inquisitive, loquacious bird and an embarrassed bee act as comic and straight man and serve as diverting foils to Harris's conversational narrative; kids will both identify with and chuckle at the two characters' reactions and asides. The duo's cheerful banter also clarifies some potentially confusing issues ("So the fetus doesn't grow where the pizza goes!" proclaims the newly enlightened bee). Specific topics covered include changes in boys' and girls' bodies during puberty, intercourse, birth control, chromosomes and genes, adoption and adjusting to a newborn sibling. The roster of experts in the closing acknowledgments speaks to the sensitivity and intelligence with which Harris and Emberley handle their treatment of masturbation, sexual abuse, HIV and AIDS and homosexuality. Emberley's artwork ranges from lighthearted cartoon panels of a talking sperm meeting up with an egg in the fallopian tube to straightforward drawings of reproductive organs and a developing fetus. With its informal yet informed perspective, this volume renders much "amazing" phenomena reassuringly comprehensible. Ages 7-up. (Nov.) Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Reviewed by School Library Journal Reviews (SLJ Reviews 2000 February)
K-Gr 4-Another barrier-breaking contribution by Harris and Emberley that seamlessly bridges It's Perfectly Normal (1994) and Happy Birth Day! (1996, both Candlewick). This oversized, attractive guide on reproduction and birth answers common questions such as "Exactly what is sex?" and "Where does the baby actually come out?" The familiar enthusiastic bird and reluctant bee narrate the comic cartoon panels, eventually deciding that the miracles of birth, families, and love are just "so amazing." Readers will appreciate the life-size illustration of a full-term fetus, and adults will be grateful for the many different ways Emberley portrays situations not always easy to explain to children. People are represented with a variety of body shapes and ethnicity, and Harris discusses sexual preferences and alternative family situations. While the illustrations are engaging and often hilarious, factual information is effectively presented in a clear, nonjudgmental tone that will inform and assure readers. Topics covered include basic anatomy, conception, fetal development, birth, genetics, adoption, and love. Sexual abuse and HIV are sensitively mentioned in short, informative chapters. An essential guide that will delight and inform and appeal to young readers as well as adults.-Katie O'Dell, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.